A ROSE TO THE FALLEN is a story that restored my hope in love and happily-ever after. It’s funny how as we grow, we tend to forget the true meaning of love. We see so many bad things happening that it just slips away. To me this book is an inspiration and a reminder to never stop making wishes, because they will become true, sooner or later.” – The Romance Reviews (Reviewer Top Pick)

“Overall, I loved reading this book. I was pretty much swept away when Bridget met Tristan, and that feeling lasted until the last page.” – Shooting Stars Mag

“This book never once lacked in stirring emotion. I was drawn right from the beginning into Tristan and Bridget’s undying love for each other. I shed tears of joy and sadness. I laughed and was shocked all at the same time while reading this book. I felt like I was reading a movie script.” – VampireBooks.ca

“This book is a passionate love story, down to earth Bridget and life in the fast lane Tristan.” – Readers Favorite

“A Rose to the Fallen is a great romance. It has all of the quintessential elements that I look for when wanting to escape into the fantasy that is romantic literature, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the genre.” – Oysters & Chocolate

“I loved this well written story from start to finish, it will have you believing in true love and meant to be. If you are looking for a heartfelt and touching read with steamy love scenes then this book is for you! I promise you will enjoy yourself. Well done April!!” – ParaNormal Romance

“Any spare chance I had found me in front of the computer, devouring the trials and tribulations of Bridget and Tristan’s love life.” – Bitten by Books

“April Bostic has written a book that tugs on the heartstrings and will have you wondering where your true love is? I see this debut author going places as she has created one of the most powerful, enchanting and beautiful books I’ve ever read.” – Night Owl Romance (Reviewer Top Pick)

“…if you are interested in an idyllic adult romance, this definitely foots the bill. You will not be disappointed.” – TCM Reviews

“This was a fun story to read and Ms. Bostic did a wonderful job with her storyline and character development. I would be interested in reading more stories from this author in the future.” – Night Owl Romance

“For those who wish a story with romance, some burning passion, whether in the bedroom or shower, with a couple who go above and beyond, this is the ideal read for those who believe in soul mates and lasting love.” – Coffee Time Romance

“THANK YOU April Bostic for writing the most wonderfully sexy, emotional, and fascinating novel I have ever had the pleasure of reading in my life.” – Talk About My Favorite Authors

“This book covers a range of emotions for the love interests. You have the highs and the lows of their love story lovingly detailed with NOTHING skipped.” – Shartyrant, book reviewer

“Eros, My Love is a short enticing read. It takes off into a fantasy world on page one and stays there until the end.” – Contagious Reads

“Eros, My Love is a fun, sweet, and surprising short story. It leans toward the quality of being a fantasy or a day dream, and I could almost imagine Gabrielle snapping out of it at any moment. I felt like she was waiting for the same thing, but as the reality struck her, how could she possibly go back to the mundane?” – Realms of an Open Mind

“If you’ve ever dreamed of a god sweeping you off your feet and confessing undying love, then this is certainly the tale for you! It’s a fast, quick read–a small bit of an otherworldly heaven to rest your tired bones.” – Night Owl Reviews

“Eros, My Love emphasizes that love can be found in the most unlikely places with the man of our fantasies, no matter how unusually or how far fetched our fantasies may be. Pick up Eros, my Love if you are looking for a light-hearted, fantasy that read quickly between two star crossed lovers.” – Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

“I love that the author gave Gabby the chance to have the man of her dreams but at a high costs. She had to look deep within herself and decide if going with Eros was worth giving up everything constant in her life.” – Heather’s Musings

“…I enjoyed the romance and the ending, and recommend it to those who love the idea of a Greek god falling for a mortal. This one’s just enough to wet your appetite for more.” – Maldivian Book Reviewer’s Realm of Romance

“The author did a great take on the myth, and the descriptions of the setting was vivid and detailed that one could almost shiver from the cold or taste the snow on one’s skin. The story, while short, flowed easily and it was easy to be swept away into the author’s world where a waitress fell in love with the most unlikely of men.” – The Romance Reviews

“April Bostic has delivered a first-class short story in Eros, My Love, as her style of writing plunges the reader directly into this romantic story involving a Greek God and his one and only love.” – Bitten By Books

“All in all a hot read. I liked it and I came away with a few good ideas to try out on my own.” – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“So yes, I really had a brief but fun time reading this short book and I’ve already emailed April to tell her -> MORE PLEASE! Because I’d most definitely, without a doubt, read more of Chloe & Damien <3″ – Laurynne At CBL Book Blog’s Reviews

“This story took me on a ride I have not experienced in a long while. It is told from Paige’s point of view and completely appropriate in this setting. The characters were strongly developed and the writing was witty, crisp, and thought provoking. If you are looking for a large dollop of steamy goodness, there is plenty of that in there too. Bravo, Ms. Bostic. You have created a wonderful story I won’t soon forget.” – Author Lindsey Gray

“Fascinating story, this was a fairly complex shifter story. Riley knew he wanted Paige as a mate from the minute he met her years ago, you can feel his angst through the pages as he tries to get Paige to stay and be is mate. If you are a fan of shifter stories, this is another great addition to the paranormal genre.” – Musings From An Addicted Reader

“I really enjoyed this book. The story was really interesting. I liked that there was norse mythology was put into this book of how werewolves started.” – Escape Into A Book

“The Howling Heart was an interesting read. I didn’t think I will love this story that much but the author, April Bostic succeeded to make me plunged into this wild and exciting read and I never really let it go.” – Proserpine Craving Books

“A fun, exciting, romantic and original paranormal romance that many fans of the genre are going to fall in love with!” – DreamZ of Dragons

“This story did capture me and the love between Paige and Riley was beautiful. I really enjoyed the story and have discovered that adding a little paranormal to my world of romance is good.” – The Boyfriend Bookmark

“This is a magical story that takes the reader on an adventure into old Norse mythology, beautiful romance, the wilds of Colorado, and a love that is truer than the stars in the night sky. This is a must read for werewolf fans, paranormal romance lovers, and anyone who wants to read a story that you will get lost in!” – Faerie Tale Books

“I absolutely loved this book. The romance/suspense written in this story keeps you intrigued and on the edge of your seat.” – The Book Diaries

“For me, The Howling Heart was a fun, sexy, shapeshifter story that held my attention the entire time.” – New Adult Addiction

“I am a huge emotional reader. Books affect me to my core, and this book was no different. If you enjoy an emotional read that takes you on many twist and turns, while turning you inside out then this book is one you need to read.” – Candy Coated Book Blog

“This book was such a delight to read and I recommend this to anyone out there who likes romance with a paranormal twist.” – Books Keep Me Sane

The Howling Heart was a lovely paranormal romance that I really enjoyed. Loves of the genre, you definitely need to give this book a try.” – Imagine A World

“The characters, setting, and overall story of this novel make it one of my favorites for this year.” – Once Upon A Coffin

“This book snagged my interest from the very first page. I started reading it late at night, thinking I’d read a few chapters and then turn in for the night. I got sucked in and didn’t put it down until the sun was out and the book was finished.” – Ladybug Literature

“I love the story of this book. The author made a great job in making this book interesting at the same time intriguing. The concept of the story is also cool and I love how it was written.” – Ms. ME28

“I adored this book. Fantastic, Fun & Hot read. I love me some Riley for sure! Great characters and story line. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop.” – Krystal Clear Book Reviews

“The Howling Heart is a fast paced whirlwind romance between Paige and Riley but packed with action and steamy moments. I really loved the book it was a breath of fresh air as far as werewolves go.” – The Reading Diaries

“Overall, The Howling Heart is better than the average supernatural romances currently out on the market. I was instantly intrigued by the likeable characters and creative plot. I highly recommend other readers to read The Howling Heart!” – Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

“I enjoyed the different spin on werewolves, with the addition of Norse Gods and folklore. It was an interesting story about love at first sight and how one truly never forgets their first love.” – Bitten By Paranormal Romance

“This is not your normal adult paranormal book about wolves; it is so much more. I highly recommend this story to readers who are up for something new. The bottom line, Bostic can write with the best of them, and that is something any reader does not want to miss out on.” – Allison Potter @ Examiner