1. Are you going to write more novels or short stories?
No, because I’ve decided to stop writing. A Dark Scandal is my last short story, and The Howling Heart is my last novel.

2. What is The Howling Heart about?
There is a blurb on the Books page.

3. Is The Howling Heart a movie?
I’ve noticed some people have seen Tiffany D.’s fanmade trailer on YouTube and think a real movie exists. There is no movie based on my novel, and no one has bought the film rights.

4. Where can I read The Howling Heart?
There are buy links on the Books page. The Howling Heart is currently available in e-book and paperback, and is only printed in English.

5. Is A Rose to the Fallen going to be a movie?
No, and it probably never will be a movie. I haven’t been contacted by anyone interested in buying the film rights to my novel.

6. Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
No, and I don’t plan to join either social networking site because they don’t appeal to me.

7. Where can I buy A Rose to the Fallen?
There are buy links on the Books page. A Rose to the Fallen is available online in paperback and e-book, and is only printed in English.

8. Have you heard from actor Alex Pettyfer or his agent about The Howling Heart?
In August 2010, one of my readers enjoyed the story so much that she mailed the manuscript to Alex’s agent, Thor Bradwell, in Los Angeles. Delivery was confirmed, but Thor never contacted me and I’m not sure if Alex received the manuscript.

9. Have you heard from actor Toby Hemingway about A Rose to the Fallen?
Since Toby inspired the book, he received a copy of it in summer 2010. He hasn’t contacted me directly, but his mother, Annamaria Hemingway, relayed a message from him thanking me for the book and wishing me lots of success.

10. Did you write the Teen Wolf fanfiction Our Lovely Scars?
I designed the fake book cover with the intention of writing the fanfiction, but I decided not to write the story and just share the artwork.