Taylor Swift’s song is not A Rose to the Fallen

A Rose to the Fallen, News, Taylor Swift, Toby Hemingway

I need to clear up some confusion going on. Today some gossip sites reported that Taylor Swift and Toby Hemingway are supposedly dating after working together on the set of her upcoming music video for “A Rose to the Fallen”. Taylor’s song is NOT called “A Rose to the Fallen”. It’s called “Mine”. A few days ago, I posted about Toby and Taylor in her upcoming video (Edit: the post has been removed). I also mentioned my book A Rose to the Fallen because Toby was the inspiration for it. In my post, I specifically said the article about her video shoot doesn’t say what song the video is for. I think someone read my post and screwed up the information about her video. They posted it, and in turn, many other sites just copied and pasted what they reported without verifying if the information was true.