Riley used in first role-play!

Alex Pettyfer, Riley, RPG, The Howling Heart

I think this is a first. I’ve never seen or been asked by anyone to use my characters in a role-play. One of my readers named Signe, who I’ve blogged about before because she’s one of my biggest fans, asked if she could use Riley from my unpublished novel The Howling Heart on a RP site. I agreed because I’m flattered someone was actually liked him enough to want to pretend to be him. Naturally, she used Alex Pettyfer as her FC (face claim) because he inspired the story and I penned Riley after him. I told Signe I hope she has fun with my character and people find him interesting and decide to read my novel. Speaking of Alex Pettyfer, I plan to design a fake movie poster for his upcoming film “Cali”. Look out for it in my deviantART gallery.


Wild Hearts – An RPG inspired by The Howling Heart

Alex Pettyfer, RPG, Shout-outs, The Howling Heart, Wild Hearts

I’m always flattered when my work inspires others. My first novel A Rose to the Fallen inspired the novel Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, and now I’ve learned my second novel The Howling Heart inspired an original role-playing game on Tumblr called “Wild Hearts”. First, I read a post on Tumblr where someone mentioned she wanted to create a RPG inspired by my novel. Then I browsed through her blog and discovered she actually decided to do it. The creator said she loved my novel and thought it would be a very cool idea for a RPG. She designed an entire Tumblr page for the game, including a list of characters and bios, graphics, and photos. She has Alex Pettyfer’s character listed as a wolf, and I’m curious if he’s a white one like Riley. Alex inspired The Howling Heart so it’s only fitting he’s included in the RPG. The characters and plot aren’t related to my story, but the origin and some of the characteristics of her shape-shifters, known as ‘The Graced’, are similar to my Varulv. I think what she’s done is amazing, and I just had to give her a shout-out and say THANK YOU!