Eros, My Love will be re-released!

Eros My Love, News

A few minutes after I posted about Decadent Publishing rejecting Love Addiction, I received an acceptance email from Cobblestone Press for Eros, My Love. I’m so thankful they took an interest in my short story and will give it a new home. I’m looking forward to working with them. They want to release Eros as part of their Valentine’s Day releases next month, so we’ll be going through the publishing process fairly quickly. I already signed the contract and sent all the required documentation back to them. As usual, I’m anticipating what the new cover will look like. I’m an amateur graphic artist so book covers really interest me. Now I only have one story left to get published. I hope one of the five publishers I queried are interested in Love Addiction. It would be amazing if I could release 3 books this year! :)