300 Downloads for The Howling Heart!

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On Feb 5, 2012, I started sharing my second novel, The Howling Heart, on deviantART. I also made the link available on my website. Last night at 9:59PM EST, I reached 300 downloads! I just want to thank everyone who took an interest in my story and downloaded it, or read it and told other people about it so they downloaded it too. This is amazing! 300 may not seem like a lot to some people, but it’s pretty major for me. I have a few published works, but I’m not a best-selling author and I’m not popular. I still hope The Howling Heart gets published this year. My ultimate dream is one day it’s adapted for film. That’s why I design fake movie posters. I try to stay optimistic through my artwork. I’m not greedy though, so just being published is enough for me.


New Polyvore set for The Howling Heart

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I found a new Polyvore set for my second novel, The Howling Heart. I especially like this one because the artist mentioned Riley & Paige’s theme song ‘Find A Way’ by Safetysuit in the title and description. Another thing I like to see when people make fanart is who they choose as Paige. Most people choose Alex Pettyfer as Riley since he inspired the story, but I’ve seen many different choices for Paige. This is the first time I’ve seen actress Lyndsy Fonseca as Paige, and I think she’s a great choice! I noticed this artist’s set is a shout-out to me which I think is nice since I usually do that with my readers. Click on the collage to see the set in more detail!


Wild Hearts – An RPG inspired by The Howling Heart

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I’m always flattered when my work inspires others. My first novel A Rose to the Fallen inspired the novel Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, and now I’ve learned my second novel The Howling Heart inspired an original role-playing game on Tumblr called “Wild Hearts”. First, I read a post on Tumblr where someone mentioned she wanted to create a RPG inspired by my novel. Then I browsed through her blog and discovered she actually decided to do it. The creator said she loved my novel and thought it would be a very cool idea for a RPG. She designed an entire Tumblr page for the game, including a list of characters and bios, graphics, and photos. She has Alex Pettyfer’s character listed as a wolf, and I’m curious if he’s a white one like Riley. Alex inspired The Howling Heart so it’s only fitting he’s included in the RPG. The characters and plot aren’t related to my story, but the origin and some of the characteristics of her shape-shifters, known as ‘The Graced’, are similar to my Varulv. I think what she’s done is amazing, and I just had to give her a shout-out and say THANK YOU!