I’m on deviantART

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If you’ve read my bio, then you know I do more than just write stories. I also enjoy creating graphic art. After lurking on deviantART for 7 years, I finally updated my profile and uploaded some artwork and poetry into my gallery. That’s the reason my pageviews, comments, watcher, and friend counts are ridiculously low. I haven’t created anything new in a long time, but I may get inspired one day. I’m more likely to create new artwork than write a new story.


The last hope for The Howling Heart

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Well, today I received a rejection from Mills & Boon. I’m not surprised because I’m used to them. Now, the fate of my second novel lies with an editor at Dorchester Publishing. I sent them the complete manuscript a couple weeks ago, and it could take up to 6 months for a response, so I should know their decision by the end of April 2012. I hope I hear from them sooner, so my traditional publishing journey can finally be over. Dorchester is officially the end of the road. I’m not waiting for responses from any other publishers. Of the 51 literary agencies I queried, none of them were interested. Some didn’t reply at all, so I know what that means. If Dorchester doesn’t want The Howling Heart, then it’s not getting published and will remain on my hard drive forever.


A Rose to the Fallen inspired a book

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Yes, it’s true…although my critics probably don’t believe it. Years ago, when I was on LiveJournal, I met author Jamie McGuire. She read my novel A Rose to the Fallen and it inspired her to write her own bad boy/good girl love story. In an interview with The Busy Bibliophile, Jamie mentions my book as the inspiration for her novel Beautiful Disaster.

Where did you come up with the idea for Beautiful Disaster? What about Providence?

I was reading “A Rose to the Fallen” by April Bostic and the bad boy/good girl storyline seemed fun. I sat down to write, and “C’mon, C’mon” by the Von Bondies came over my laptop speakers, and the first scene was born.

If Jamie ever reads this post, I want to tell her I’m glad I was able to inspire you. Your book is doing a hell of a lot better than mine, but I’m happy for you. Keep writing, girl! :)


A Rose to the Fallen e-book is on sale

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The e-book version is on sale at the Google ebookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Google is selling it the cheapest for $3.03, and Amazon and B&N are selling it for $3.19. The retail price is $9.99. Take advantage of the low price if you haven’t read the book yet!