Angelic Tristan

A Rose to the Fallen, Tristan

This lovely photo was sent to me by one of my readers named Katrina. She said the guy reminded her of Tristan. Neither of us know who the photographer is. I like the photo, but I think the only things missing are a few tattoos on the model’s arms. Then he’d really resemble Tristan. I do like the black bracelets he’s wearing. That’s definitely Tristan’s style. He’s fond of black bracelets. However Tristan looks to you, that’s the head you should imagine attached to this sexy torso. Thanks Katrina! I’m glad my character made an impression in your mind. :)


The Howling Heart trailer has arrived!

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I think Tiffany D.’s new mock movie trailer for The Howling Heart is better than the one she created for A Rose to the Fallen. The video is not in HD like she wanted because her computer couldn’t handle the rendering, but it’s still a very good quality. There are more sounds, music, and dialogue. There’s lots of clips of British actor Alex Pettyfer as Riley. It’s only fitting since he inspired the story and the character. The scenes in the beginning with Alexis Bledel as Paige are nearly perfect, and the special effects at the end are really creative. Tiffany’s trailers are the closest my novels will get to being films. This trailer is the most special to me because The Howling Heart is the last novel I’m writing.

Tiffany, if you read this… thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re truly talented and your trailers have done wonders helping to promote my novels. I know you’re a fan of mine, but I’ll always be a fan of yours too!