The Howling Heart trailer update

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I wasn’t going to post this update because I didn’t want to tease anyone who’s anticipating the release of Tiffany D.’s fanmade trailer for The Howling Heart. But I had second thoughts because I know some of you are waiting. I received an email from Tiffany earlier this week and her trailer is finished, but it’s not uploaded to YouTube yet. She was having problems rendering the video because it’s high-definition and her computer is not powerful enough to handle it. She’s on vacation now, so unfortunately she won’t be able to upload the video until she returns home. She said the trailer should be uploaded in early December. It’s going to be on her second channel because she has a couple strikes from YouTube on her main channel. She said she doesn’t want to risk getting another strike and having her main channel deleted. Her trailer for A Rose to the Fallen is on her main channel. I’ll admit the anticipation is killing me! She said I’m really going to like the trailer. I have no doubts because she’s an amazing video editor and her trailers are very realistic. I’ll let you in on a few details she did share with me. The trailer will feature Alex Pettyfer as Riley and Alexis Bledel as Paige. The songs featured will be Within Temptation’s “The Howling” and Safetysuit’s “Find A Way”. I already shared Safetysuit’s song in an earlier post, so here’s “The Howling”. Take a listen and let the trailer countdown begin!

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