The Howling Heart on Polyvore

Alex Pettyfer, Fanart, Kristen Kreuk, Paige, Riley, The Howling Heart

I want to thank one of my readers for creating a nice set for The Howling Heart on Polyvore and helping spread the word about my story. The clothing she chose is definitely something Paige would wear. She chose actress Kristen Kreuk to represent Paige. And of course, Alex Pettyfer is used to represent Riley because he inspired the story and the character. If she ever reads this post, I’d also like to tell her that my story isn’t a book. She mentioned she wanted to buy the book. Maybe one day it will be a book, but for now it’s just an online story. Click the collage to see the Polyvore set in detail.


The Other Tristan

A Rose to the Fallen, Tristan

Before I chose German model Lucas Buchwald to represent Tristan Hathaway on the cover of A Rose to the Fallen, I was considering this mystery model. He was actually my #1 choice. One of the reasons he didn’t make the cover was because I couldn’t afford the stock photo at the time I was having my cover designed. Photos from GettyImages are expensive. Also, I didn’t think my designer could fix the lighting on his face and hair to work with the cover’s background. It was a lot easier to use a photo of a person taken inside a studio. All of Lucas’ stock photos I used were taken indoors. But this handsome blond was almost my British bad-boy and you could’ve seen his face gracing the cover.


Bridget t-shirt

A Rose to the Fallen, Bridget

I’m truly amazed and flattered when people tell me certain things remind them of my characters. It means my story has left an impression in their mind. A couple months ago, a reader named Ann sent me a pic of a wolf and a woman in a loving pose because it reminded her of Riley’s ancestors Erik & Anya. This morning I got an email from a reader named Stephanie who sent me a pic and link to a t-shirt sold by CafePress. She described the pic as “a shirt Tristan would buy for Bridget and MAKE her wear.” When I read the writing on the shirt, I busted out laughing. What a way to start the morning. Stephanie also added, “he’d get her the pink one because he knows it’s her fave color.” I was highly amused, but surprised at the same time because I didn’t know a shirt like that existed. Thanks Stephanie!


New FAQs page

FAQs, News

Yesterday I decided to create a FAQs page to address some of the common questions I receive from readers and visitors. If you’ve ever wondered about any of the questions on the list, I hope I put your mind at ease. I’ll update the page if I notice many people asking about something that isn’t on the list.