Angelic Tristan

A Rose to the Fallen, Tristan

This lovely photo was sent to me by one of my readers named Katrina. She said the guy reminded her of Tristan. Neither of us know who the photographer is. I like the photo, but I think the only things missing are a few tattoos on the model’s arms. Then he’d really resemble Tristan. I do like the black bracelets he’s wearing. That’s definitely Tristan’s style. He’s fond of black bracelets. However Tristan looks to you, that’s the head you should imagine attached to this sexy torso. Thanks Katrina! I’m glad my character made an impression in your mind. :)


The Howling Heart trailer has arrived!

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I think Tiffany D.’s new mock movie trailer for The Howling Heart is better than the one she created for A Rose to the Fallen. The video is not in HD like she wanted because her computer couldn’t handle the rendering, but it’s still a very good quality. There are more sounds, music, and dialogue. There’s lots of clips of British actor Alex Pettyfer as Riley. It’s only fitting since he inspired the story and the character. The scenes in the beginning with Alexis Bledel as Paige are nearly perfect, and the special effects at the end are really creative. Tiffany’s trailers are the closest my novels will get to being films. This trailer is the most special to me because The Howling Heart is the last novel I’m writing.

Tiffany, if you read this… thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re truly talented and your trailers have done wonders helping to promote my novels. I know you’re a fan of mine, but I’ll always be a fan of yours too!


The Howling Heart trailer update

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I wasn’t going to post this update because I didn’t want to tease anyone who’s anticipating the release of Tiffany D.’s fanmade trailer for The Howling Heart. But I had second thoughts because I know some of you are waiting. I received an email from Tiffany earlier this week and her trailer is finished, but it’s not uploaded to YouTube yet. She was having problems rendering the video because it’s high-definition and her computer is not powerful enough to handle it. She’s on vacation now, so unfortunately she won’t be able to upload the video until she returns home. She said the trailer should be uploaded in early December. It’s going to be on her second channel because she has a couple strikes from YouTube on her main channel. She said she doesn’t want to risk getting another strike and having her main channel deleted. Her trailer for A Rose to the Fallen is on her main channel. I’ll admit the anticipation is killing me! She said I’m really going to like the trailer. I have no doubts because she’s an amazing video editor and her trailers are very realistic. I’ll let you in on a few details she did share with me. The trailer will feature Alex Pettyfer as Riley and Alexis Bledel as Paige. The songs featured will be Within Temptation’s “The Howling” and Safetysuit’s “Find A Way”. I already shared Safetysuit’s song in an earlier post, so here’s “The Howling”. Take a listen and let the trailer countdown begin!

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THH trailer from Tiffany D. coming soon!

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I received an email from Tiffany D. this morning. She told me she’s starting to work on her fanmade trailer for The Howling Heart. She should have it uploaded on YouTube within the next couple weeks. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see it! Her trailer will feature Alex Pettyfer as Riley and Alexis Bledel or Alexandra Daddario as Paige. Tiffany is a very talented video editor and did a superb job on her fanmade trailer for A Rose to the Fallen. I hope her trailer gets me some new readers. She has over 25,000 subscribers! Stay tuned!


A Rose to the Fallen on Polyvore

A Rose to the Fallen, Fanart

Another set on Polyvore. This time for my first novel A Rose to the Fallen. The creator added a note saying she loved the book. Thank you! I’m glad my book inspired your creativity. Click the collage to see her set in detail.


The Howling Heart on Polyvore

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I want to thank one of my readers for creating a nice set for The Howling Heart on Polyvore and helping spread the word about my story. The clothing she chose is definitely something Paige would wear. She chose actress Kristen Kreuk to represent Paige. And of course, Alex Pettyfer is used to represent Riley because he inspired the story and the character. If she ever reads this post, I’d also like to tell her that my story isn’t a book. She mentioned she wanted to buy the book. Maybe one day it will be a book, but for now it’s just an online story. Click the collage to see the Polyvore set in detail.


The Other Tristan

A Rose to the Fallen, Tristan

Before I chose German model Lucas Buchwald to represent Tristan Hathaway on the cover of A Rose to the Fallen, I was considering this mystery model. He was actually my #1 choice. One of the reasons he didn’t make the cover was because I couldn’t afford the stock photo at the time I was having my cover designed. Photos from GettyImages are expensive. Also, I didn’t think my designer could fix the lighting on his face and hair to work with the cover’s background. It was a lot easier to use a photo of a person taken inside a studio. All of Lucas’ stock photos I used were taken indoors. But this handsome blond was almost my British bad-boy and you could’ve seen his face gracing the cover.


Bridget t-shirt

A Rose to the Fallen, Bridget

I’m truly amazed and flattered when people tell me certain things remind them of my characters. It means my story has left an impression in their mind. A couple months ago, a reader named Ann sent me a pic of a wolf and a woman in a loving pose because it reminded her of Riley’s ancestors Erik & Anya. This morning I got an email from a reader named Stephanie who sent me a pic and link to a t-shirt sold by CafePress. She described the pic as “a shirt Tristan would buy for Bridget and MAKE her wear.” When I read the writing on the shirt, I busted out laughing. What a way to start the morning. Stephanie also added, “he’d get her the pink one because he knows it’s her fave color.” I was highly amused, but surprised at the same time because I didn’t know a shirt like that existed. Thanks Stephanie!


New FAQs page

FAQs, News

Yesterday I decided to create a FAQs page to address some of the common questions I receive from readers and visitors. If you’ve ever wondered about any of the questions on the list, I hope I put your mind at ease. I’ll update the page if I notice many people asking about something that isn’t on the list.


THH trailer from Tiffany D. in the works!

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Tonight I received an email from Tiffany D. and she told me she finished reading The Howling Heart. She loved the story and I’m happy to announce that she plans to create a fanvideo for it. For those of you not familiar with Tiffany, she’s a talented video editor from Australia and very popular on YouTube for her Twilight fanvideos. She also created an amazing and realistic trailer for A Rose to the Fallen. She told me she has three weeks left of college and then she’ll start working on the video. I’m so excited and I’m highly anticipating it! Tiffany already created a beautiful video about Tristan & Bridget. I can’t wait to see what her imagination creates for Riley & Paige. :D


Review from Shooting Stars Mag

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Today I received a review for A Rose to the Fallen from Alicia at Shooting Stars Mag. She liked the book and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I’m so glad she emphasized the fact that my book is Adult because some people are under the wrong impression it’s Young Adult. You can read her full review on the Reviews page by clicking the link next to the quote. I want to thank Alicia for taking the time to read and review A Rose to the Fallen. I really appreciate it.


My novels mentioned on Telegraph and Crushable

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Until recently, my novels have never been mentioned on news and entertainment websites. It’s cause for a little excitement because it’s nice when someone recognizes my work. Not to mention, I can use the publicity. A Rose to the Fallen was mentioned in an article from about Toby Hemingway, and The Howling Heart was mentioned on Crushable in an article about Alex Pettyfer. Unfortunately, both articles posted some false information about me. I’m neither a best-selling novelist or an “aspiring young adult novelist”. I could only dream of having a best-seller and I do NOT write Young Adult.

Taylor Swift ‘inseparable’ from British actor Toby Hemingway

Toby Hemingway, the British-born actor, was delighted to be cast as Taylor Swift’s bridegroom in the pop video for the American singer’s latest release, Mine.

So convincing was Hemingway, 24, who has appeared in the television series CSI: Miami as well as the forthcoming film Black Swan, that he is said to have now won over the singer, 20. “They have been inseparable since filming,” says my man in New York.

The dashing actor was born in Brighton but moved to California with his mother, the author Annamaria Hemingway, when he was 13.

This is not the first time that Hemingway has proved stimulating. April Bostic, the bestselling novelist, said he was the inspiration for her book A Rose to the Fallen.

Swift’s spokesman says: “We don’t comment on Taylor’s personal life.”


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