Press release distributed today!

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My press release for A Rose to the Fallen was distributed today. It was sent nationwide to many different media outlets including magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations. It was initially sent out last week to regional contacts, but today was the nationwide release. I followed up with some of them last Friday and I plan to continue this week. I really hope I get some reviews. If I do, I’ll be sure to post them on this site.


First review

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I just posted my first review for A Rose to the Fallen. I’m very grateful and humbled that Phoebe Jordan took the time to read and review my debut novel. I’ll admit that I’m shocked to know that my book is now her favorite of all time. That means a lot to me considering that she is a romance novel junkie. She’s read tons of books in the same genre as mine but after reading A Rose to the Fallen, she was finally able to say that she now has a favorite. Words can’t describe how I feel when I hear someone say that. Her review is special not only because it’s my first, but because Phoebe never read my Toby Hemingway fanfiction so my story was something brand new to her. Thanks again Phoebe! Check out the Reviews section to read my first review in its entirety.


Interview with Phoebe Jordan

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My interview with Phoebe Jordan is posted. It’s my first interview and you can read it here. I want to say thank you to Phoebe for interviewing me. It was really fun and I enjoyed answering her questions. Stay tuned for her review for A Rose to the Fallen.


First interview


Aspiring romance novelist and book reviewer Phoebe Jordan invited me to be one of her guest bloggers on her blog Talk About My Favorite Authors. You can read it by clicking the link here. She also interviewed me and it should be posted soon. I’ll be sure to post the link here when she has it up. I’m happy to announce that she’ll be the first person to review my book A Rose to the Fallen. I’m so glad that she took an interest in my book just by visiting my website and reading the synopsis. I sent her a copy of the book and she told me how much she loves the cover and she’s really looking forward to reading. Stay tuned for my very first interview and book review. I hope Phoebe enjoys the story and the review is positive. I have my fingers crossed.


Press release almost finished

A Rose to the Fallen, News

Happy new year! I hope 2009 brings good things to everyone. I’m crossing my fingers that my book is a success this year. Author House finished my press release yesterday. They will be distributing it to many different media outlets, newspapers, and magazines within 1-2 weeks. I’m so relieved. I really hope I receive some reviews.

A Rose to the Fallen

New Romance Novel Shares Love Story of a Fallen Angel Full of Passion and Real Magic

SCOTCH PLAINS, N.J. – Bridget Monahan is an elementary school teacher in her mid-20s and has what every other woman wants: beauty, intelligence, compassion, and a fiery sense of independence to go along with her shock of red hair. But she’s still single, and while some might call her unlucky in love, Bridget prefers to think of herself as a realist. All of that will change in April Bostic’s new romance novel, A Rose to the Fallen: True love and eternity are bound (published by AuthorHouse).

Bridget has always been a skeptic when it comes to falling in love. When Bridget’s friend Autumn claims to have found a soul mate for her, Bridget can’t help but laugh out loud. Autumn didn’t have the best track record for setting Bridget up with guys – in fact, the list read more like a lineup for “America’s Least Wanted,” at least by Bridget’s standards. But something compelled her to take one more chance, give into curiosity and agree to meet Tristan Hathaway.

Tristan doesn’t disappoint. Initially attracted to his good looks and British accent, Bridget is won over by his charm and genuine kindness. At their first meeting, Tristan confesses that he has a desire to fall in love one day and as their relationship blossoms, so too does their intense passion for one another. Tristan has the ability to seduce Bridget unlike any man she’s ever been with, and they both admit to their sexual addiction to one another.

Tristan reminds Bridget of a fallen angel and in her heart she knows that is his true self. But unlike a conventional angel, he curses like a sailor, has a criminal record, sports tattoos, and could never turn down a fight. But for all of Tristan’s bad-boy tendencies, Bridget believes that he is her soul mate. There’s no denying their earnest love, but no relationship is perfect. Along with Tristan’s looks, devotion and tenderness comes jealousy and dangerous obsession. Within their relationship, Tristan develops an unexplainable emotional and mental connection to Bridget that scares her and threatens to tear them apart.

Bridget teaches for a living, but in A Rose to the Fallen: True love and eternity are bound she unknowingly becomes the student in her relationship. Tristan teaches her how it feels to love unconditionally and the true meaning of a soul mate. Bridget will learn that listening to her heart may be the most important lesson of all.

April Bostic was born and raised in New Jersey. She currently works as a security administrator in the field of information technology. A Rose to the Fallen: True love and eternity are bound is her first book. For more information, please visit